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Will I now pay less stamp duty? And other questions

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The chancellor has announced changes stamp duty, VAT, eating out and the furlough scheme.

So, how could you be affected?

Questions and answers

Latest questions

Your questions

  • My daughter bought a home last week and completes/moves on Thursday. Does the stamp duty change apply to her? from Jan Everden in West Malling, Kent

  • We are due to buy a £585,000 house. Will we save any money on stamp duty? from Rebecca Beauchamp

  • How will the stamp duty changes affect people who are buying property through shared ownership? from Roopa Rajapaksha in Wandsworth, London

  • My husband’s company would get £1,000 for keeping him on until the end of January. What happens after that? from Dianne Hill

  • How can we tell which restaurants will take part in the «50% off» scheme? from Ray Clements in Northamptonshire

  • I have already paid for my holiday in a hotel. Can I expect money back as VAT has been reduced? from Ian Brown in Lochgelly

  • Will my business – furnished self-catering holiday homes – benefit from the temporary VAT reduction? from Marjorie Haynes

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Support bubbles

Your questions

  • When will people be allowed to resume physical contact with a loved one in a bubble scenario? I miss my boyfriend of 18 months as we live apart. from Sue in Chester

  • Can I have my grandson overnight? I am a single grandparent living on the ground floor in my own house, however I have a lodger who lives on the second floor. from Teresa

  • If I have been on the vulnerable list, when can I have people in my house to sleep over and can I go to family to sleep over at their house? From Karen Dowling in Birmingham

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All about coronavirus

Your questions

  • What is the coronavirus? from Caitlin in Leeds Most asked

  • Once you’ve had coronavirus will you then be immune? from Denise Mitchell in Bicester Most asked

  • What is the incubation period for the coronavirus? from Gillian Gibs

  • Is coronavirus more infectious than flu? from Merry Fitzpatrick in Sydney

  • How long are you ill for? from Nita in Maidstone

  • Asymptomatic people are regarded as «silent spreaders» – what proportion of the population are they estimated to be and how do you find them? From Val Holland in Worcester

  • Why are diabetics not included in the clinically extremely vulnerable patients, and will the list be refreshed? from Derek Roberts in Hornchurch, Essex

  • How dangerous is coronavirus for people with asthma? from Lesley-Anne in Falkirk

  • Are otherwise healthy disabled people more at risk from coronavirus? from Abigail Ireland in Stockport

  • Will people who’ve have had pneumonia experience milder coronavirus symptoms? from Marje in Montreal

  • With key workers wearing some sort of mask, how are deaf people who lip-read supposed to understand what is being said? From Margaret Roll in Clevedon

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Protecting myself and others

Your questions

  • Is a scarf as a mouth covering enough for public transport? From Rachel in Exeter

  • Why are governments going to such extreme measures to combat coronavirus when flu appears to be more deadly? from Lorraine Smith in Harlow

  • What should I do if someone I live with is self-isolating? from Graham Wright in London

  • Should people stop having sex? from Martha Menschel in Las Vegas

  • How are there still so many new cases of coronavirus occurring during the lockdown? Is it known if it is from people not observing the rules? From Susan Pugsley in Sanford

  • How will we know the difference between a genuine contact tracer and a potential scammer? from James Wilson in Nuneaton

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Me and my family

Your questions

  • I am five months pregnant and want to understand the risk to the baby if I get infected? from a BBC website reader

  • I am breastfeeding my five-month-old baby – what should I do if I get coronavirus? from Maeve McGoldrick

  • Is it possible to catch coronavirus from a pet dog or cat? from Javed

  • What is the risk to children? from Louise in London

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Leaving the house

Your questions

  • My children live with their mother, but visit me. I live about 190 miles from them. Is it legitimate travel for me to drive to collect them? from Mark in Swansea

  • Can I visit Germany for a three-day business trip? From Kevin in Stockport

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My finances

Your questions

  • Will lenders allow people with mortgages to delay payments during the outbreak? from Clare Waters

  • How do you get gas and electricity if you are on a pre-payment meter and can’t get to a post office to top it up? from David E P Dennis

  • What should I do as I have not received a refund for a cancelled flight? From Susan in Offley

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Work issues

Your questions

  • I am a self-employed music teacher. If I cannot work, will the government still help the self-employed financially until October? from Jess in Essex

  • My company wants me to return to work within the lockdown period. Is this legal? From Jim Bridgeman in Kettering

  • I’m self-employed. Can I claim benefits if I can’t work due to the virus? from Mark Gribby in Nottingham

  • Who is eligible for universal credit? from Mario in London

  • If you have to self-isolate will you only get statutory sick pay, or will your employer pay your salary? from Laura White in Herefordshire

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Back to school

Your questions

  • What happened to the plan to provide all vulnerable school students with a laptop? from David in Witham, Essex

  • Social distancing is very difficult in schools. I’m a primary school teacher – shouldn’t I be wearing a mask? from Liezel

  • Will schools stay open during the school summer holidays? from Nic in Burgess Hill, West Sussex

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Student issues

Your questions

  • I am supposed to be starting university in September. Is there any point in me going this year or shall I defer until next year? from Danny in Scunthorpe

  • Can university students get their tuition fee refunded for disruptions to teaching because of Covid-19? from Sophie in Liverpool

  • Can you cancel your student property lease early – and if so, how? From Honor in Edinburgh

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Life after lockdown

Your questions

  • Why are gyms, leisure centres and other fitness facilities being excluded from this round of restrictions when their links to improved physical and mental health are so obvious? from James Shillaker in Burgess Hill

  • How many households can share a self-catered house? And are they allowed to use a shared swimming pool and hot tub? from Joanna McCaul in Rickmansworth, London

  • Can I travel to and stay in my second home? It’s not a holiday home, I live in the Midlands, but work in the North East during the week. Travelling is not an option as it would mean an eight or nine-hour round trip every day. From Mark Dunn in Cannock

  • My daughter is a driving instructor. When will she be able to start teaching her students again? from Valerie in Haslemere

  • The number of new cases may have fallen to pre-lockdown levels. But the virus is still equally contagious and has the potential to spread exponentially – just as it did before lockdown. So what’s changed? from Tomas René in Hastings

  • Will churches be able to reopen for services from 4 July? from Danny Smith in St Albans

  • If it is safe enough to go to the cinema why are schools still not allowed to take more than 25% of any year group in? from Lydia in Bath

  • When will UK prisons be open again for social visits? from Hazel

  • What are my chances of getting a job in lockdown/when lockdown is over? from Jess in Essex

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Testing, tracking and tracing

Your questions

  • How will people who don’t have a mobile phone be able to submit that they have symptoms? From Lorna Miller in Liverpool

  • If an online grocery delivery driver tests positive for Covid-19, would they need to let the Test and Trace service know every customer they’ve delivered to because they will have handled the food or bags? From Jan in Wiltshire

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Your questions

  • Can I travel to Ireland and then onto another country, then back to the UK via Ireland to avoid the quarantine? from Chris McCann in Sandhurst

  • Do key workers have to quarantine? From Mateusz in London

  • I will be back in the UK after 8 June, therefore I will have to quarantine. Will my flatmates have to quarantine as well because of me? From Matteo in London

  • If I have to quarantine after a holiday and can’t work from home will I get paid? From Emma in Portishead, Bristol

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