jueves, febrero 29, 2024

Adelie Foods collapse: ‘I just don’t know when I’m going to get work’

Former workers at one of Britain’s largest sandwich-making firms say they have been struggling since losing their jobs, after the company went into administration.

Adelie Foods, which has sites across the UK, went bust last month after demand collapsed during the coronavirus lockdown and the company failed to find a buyer.

Angela Mensah, who lost her job at the Milton Keynes factory which employed more than 600 people, said: «We thought we were coming home for a couple of weeks and after we would go back to work.

«I’m very nervous about everything because I just don’t know when I’m going to get work.»

Her colleague, Sylvia Arthur, said: «It’s not easy for me, taking care of three children. Staying at home, doing nothing.»

Milton Keynes Council said it would «work alongside the Department for Work and Pensions to support people back into employment».