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Ex-Barclays banker’s offensive remarks released

Amanda Staveley Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Amanda Staveley is claiming damages over an emergency fundraising by Barclays in 2008.

A former Barclays executive has apologised to financier Amanda Staveley after telephone transcripts of sexist remarks were released in court.

Stephen Jones made offensive comments about the businesswoman to another Barclays executive in 2008.

Mr Jones quit as head of lobby group UK Finance in June after admitting he had made «thoroughly unpleasant» remarks.

But details of his strong language were only released on Thursday during legal action she is taking against Barclays.

Ms Staveley says her company PCP Capital is owed money for its role in Barclays’ emergency fundraising in 2008, which allowed the bank to avoid a government bailout.

PCP, which led a fundraising by Abu Dhabi investors, is claiming damages of up to £1.5bn for alleged deceit over the terms of parallel fundraising that Barclays undertook with Qatar.

The bank denies wrongdoing and has dismissed the case as misconceived and without merit.

Mr Jones’ highly personal comments about Ms Staveley were made during a conversation with Barclays’ then head of compliance. They included remarks about her breasts, relationships, and strong language was used about her being «thick».

At one point during the telephone conversation the two men discuss if someone was recording the call. «It’s okay,» the head of compliance responded. «Your line’s not taped and neither is mine. I hope.»

Disclosure of the comments come after other conversations about Ms Staveley and her professional competence were previously aired in court.

Former Barclays executive Roger Jenkins, who was leading negotiations with Qatari investors in 2008, referred to Ms Staveley as «the tart» during conversations with colleagues, the court has heard. Another executive called her a «dolly bird».

Mr Jenkins and Mr Jones, who started testifying in the case on Thursday, have both apologised to Ms Staveley. Mr Jones has since described his comments as «wholly inappropriate».

«Stephen [Jones] regrets making these comments and has not sought to defend them and will not seek to do so,» a spokesman said. «He was very grateful and touched that Amanda Staveley has accepted his apology.»

Ms Staveley is currently working on a deal which could see a Saudi consortium take control of Newcastle United football club.