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Coronavirus: We’re taking pandemic seriously, says beauty firm

Beauty salon owner in Lausanne, Switzerland wearing gloves, mask and a visor Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Beauty salons in other countries such as Switzerland have been allowed to reopen, amid the pandemic

Skincare firm Dermalogica has urged the UK to give beauty salons and spas a date for reopening as coronavirus lockdown measures ease.

Hairdressers, pubs and restaurants in England will be allowed to reopen on 4 July with safety measures in place.

In an open letter to the government, Dermalogica UK wrote: «We assure you, we are taking coronavirus seriously.»

The firm said there was «confusion» around why beauty salons are not allowed to reopen next month.

Writing to Business Secretary Alok Sharma, Dermalogica UK’s general manager Hermann questioned why «one-to-one services in a highly sanitised environment» would put consumers more at risk of contracting the coronavirus, than a restaurant or pub with minimal social distancing measures.

«The industry, which has a strong and existing standard on hygiene and sanitation, has been active in preparing to go back to work safely,» he said.

The ten businesses still not allowed to reopen:

  • Nightclubs
  • Casinos
  • Bowling alleys and indoor skating rinks
  • Indoor play areas including soft-play
  • Spas
  • Nail bars and beauty salons
  • Massage, tattoo and piercing parlours
  • Gyms and dance studios
  • Swimming pools and water parks
  • Exhibition and conference centres

Dermalogica stocks skincare products and treatments for acne in more than 5,500 spas and beauty salons across the UK.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that contact services, such as nail bars or spas, would not be able to open until the government could confirm they «can operate in a coronavirus-secure way».

But beauty and wellness industries argue that they require «clarity on whether it will be possible to remain in business», said Mr Hermann.

In a survey of the businesses Dermalogica UK works with, 6% have said they will be forced to close as a result of coronavirus-related lockdown measures.

‘It was a shock’

Beautician Tara Williamson is frustrated by what she sees as a double standard from government, with hairdressers allowed to reopen, but beauty salons staying closed.

Image copyright Tara Williamson
Image caption «I don’t really get it,» says beautician Tara Williamson

She runs The Beauty, Skin and Eyelash Lounge in Epping, Essex and had planned to open on 4 July.

«It just seems crazy that we have no guidelines of when we can open and what is going to be happening,» she told the BBC.

«I don’t see a reason why we couldn’t open and it will obviously be a big blow.»

The prime minister said on Tuesday that the government’s public health experts will work with sectors which remain closed, to help them open «as soon as possible».

BBC News has contacted the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy for comment.